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24 Hour Hotline & Emergency Shelter

If you are in

immediate danger, please call 911.


House of Hope, Inc provides a 24-hour hotline and emergency shelter.  Our staff is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Have A Plan!

  • Identify safer areas of your home. Should an argument begin, try to move to the safe area.

  • Make a habit of backing your car into the drive for a quick escape.

  • Do not wear long necklaces or scarves that can be used to harm you.

  • Practice how to get to safety. Practice with your children.

  • Have an emergency phone available if possible.

  • Have an emergency bag ready for you and your children.

    • Be sure to include:  

      • Important documents such as birth certificates, driver's license, insurance cards, divorce decrees.​

      • Important contact numbers for family, your attorney, and the police.

      • Medications

      • An extra set of keys

      • Money and banking information

      • A change of clothing for you and your children.

In Shelter Services
  • Case Management

  • Support Groups

  • Transition Support

  • Parenting Classes

Community Outreach Services
  • Advocacy Services

  • Support Groups

  • Legal Referrals

  • Emergency Transportation

  • Children Services

  • Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) Program Participation 

  • Housing Support

S.A.N.E. Program
Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners have completed additional education and training to prepare them to provide health care to survivors of sexual assault.  These Forensic Nurse Examiners not only collect necessary evidence they also connect the survivor with law enforcement and critical community based sexual assault advocacy services, like those provided by House of Hope, Inc.

Current affiliations include:

  • Lafayette Regional Health Center- Lexington MO

  • Ray County Memorial Hospital-  Richmond MO

  • Carroll County Memorial Hospital- Carrollton MO

The purpose of our Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation Program is to provide a child-friendly environment to help reduce the stress of custodial exchanges or supervised visitation. House of Hope provides a neutral location and trained staff to coordinate arrival and departure times, monitor the exchange or visitation for safety, and much more.  Our visitation area is set up in a comfortable environment with a variety of toys and games that allow for positive parent/child interaction.  The ultimate goal of the supervised visitation program is to empower parents to work through their issues so they are able to safely interact with their child(ren). Our first priority is always the safety of the children.

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